The original musicians of SLUKA were:
Denis Sluka - Bass Guitar
Chris Ianuzzi - Keyboards
Charlton Pettus - Guitar & Keyboards
Nico Looser - Drums & Percussion

Together with Christopher they created the first two SLUKA albums along with guest musicians and some insanely dedicated japanese recording engineers & record executives.

The primary musicians for the third SLUKA album were just Christopher and Stefano Pulga, a respected and versatile producer living in Italy.

The fourth SLUKA album features Denis Sluka and Ron Llear who also produced the project.

The Fifth SLUKA Album: "A San Diego Zoo" was produced by Christopher with a variety of talented musicians. Be sure to take a look at the CD Release Party Photos from June 25th, 1999 which features some of the primary musicians from the album: Andres Condon, Felipe Flandes, Jennifer Hart, and Claire Rottembourg, as well as new "live" additions: Bill Ray & Sam Powers on Drums & Bass.


The Sixth SLUKA Album: "Social Anxiety"
with Jennifer Hart on vocals, Bill Ray on Drums, Ron Gomez on Bass, and Christopher Sluka on Guitar & Vocals.

For more information on the other guest musicians as well as songwriting credits, check out the individual albums.

String quartet recording "Fear of Ordinary Life" in Tokyo, Meldac Studio
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